The winery


Terresacre, a modern structure founded in 2006, is one of the most interesting realities in the wine-making sector of Molise region. It's consecrated to respect of traditions and culture of that ancient land.

The careful selection of grapes, the attenction paid to every production process, and the environmental awarness, are the key factors of a constant development that in a short time allowed Terresacre to be included in the DOC wine producers, with excellent wines.

Terresacre's wines are the result of our devotion to the great wine. They offer moments of unique pleasantness, and belong to the range of the best italian wines. Because we have a real worship for grapevine.

In its current production, Terresacre has chosen nine wines as its main characters; they all feature exellent sensory characteristic and a unique pleasantness: Tintilia, Respect and Oravera aged in oak barrels, Falanghina, Rosavite, Neravite, Orovite and the Trebbiano and Montepulciano Rosamandia. These wines offer an experience of unique pleasure, a chance to taste the real tradition of Molise and a wine culture that - in a very short time - has been praised by the pubblic and the critics, surprising and charming even the most rafined palates.

founded in2006

35 hectares of vineyards

25 hectares of olive groves

270 mt. sea level